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Detoxification is the first step in treatment of the disease of drug and alcohol addiction. Fear of the withdrawal process can be overwhelming and is a barrier to seeking drug and alcohol recovery services. Alcohol and drug detoxification is the most critical step in the recovery process and is a step that should be approached with care in a safe and structured environment.

At Pemarro, we utilize evidence-based treatment methods combined with peer-to-peer interaction to create a social environment for clients to help each other in early recovery. The program strives to provide a multidisciplinary approach tailored to the needs of each client. Pemarro’s team of skilled professionals come from diverse educational backgrounds to build the foundation for long-term recovery through personalized treatment.

Pemarro empowers and enriches the lives of those struggling with alcohol and drugs and who have had unsuccessful attempts at recovery. Through the use of evidence-based treatment and recovery methodologies to alter behaviors, clients learn to lead fulfilling and productive drug and alcohol free lives. It is the program’s priority to provide a safe and healing environment for those recovering from the disease of addiction.

We strive to provide dignity and respect during all client interactions. This will be reflected in the services provided to clients under its auspices. All individuals seeking services at Pemarro will be screened and assessed for admission regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or physical disability.

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Our Mission

Services Provided:

  • Initial assessment by a licensed medical provider
  • Short term non-medical detoxification program
  • Individual alcohol and drug counseling sessions
  • Group counseling sessions
  • Individual therapy session
  • Direct referrals to sober living, outpatient, or intensive residential treatment

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